Frequently Asked Questions

Why order direct?
Major delivery app companies charge restaurants up to 30% of the purchase price. That’s on top of the service fees that customers pay. For pickup order apps, restaurants pay up to 15%. By ordering directly, restaurants only pay the actual cost to deliver to you.

Even in good times, restaurant margins are slim. Many don’t actually make money by working with delivery apps.

How are couriers paid?
Instead of “gig economy” work, we hire drivers and riders as employees and pay them fair hourly wages. This also ensures that they are insured in case of work accidents, unemployment, etc. In other words, the same way that every other job works.

How does tipping work?
Whenever you add a tip to your order, the amount is distributed between kitchen and delivery staff, since everyone works together to prepare and deliver your meal. Some customers prefer to tip in cash – in which case it’s added to the tip pool in the same way.

Why do you not deliver to my apartment door?
In order to keep our cost to you lower, we need to operate efficiently. Parking, waiting for elevators, and just gaining access to buildings not only takes more time, but it’s also highly unpredictable. To  coordinate our pick ups and deliveries efficiently, we will meet you at the entrance or lobby of your building. This will help us to serve you better, and keep prices at a reasonable level.